Wildpark in Aurachu

Wildpark in Aurach is very interesting and unprecedented tourist attractions
for (minimally) half day trip also in case unfavourable weather
Aurach is from as about 17 km (10 miles) and is suburb of Kitzbühelu. Beside is also excelent golf course "Eichenheim".
So - one half of your outfit can
play golf, second half can go to see animals and injoy really unforgettable adventure.
Park is situated on mountain side
high whereupon Kitzbühel.

You can walk about in open-air amphitheatre between  herd of dee,
goats, and other animals, which moves between visitors absolutely free.

Injoy the visit in wildpadk in Aurach and put this trip on your programme.
You´ll be delighted at this!


This is foto from 2 m (7 fts.)!



©  Luboš Zeman 22 / 7 / 2011